It’s Not You, It’s Me

Heads up with this post.  I have been studying for an exam today so that I can begin taking classes for special education. I am taking the test on Tuesday so it is a cram session.  My brain is melty and my eyes are burning but I did want to share something with you today.

Topic today is: Don’t take anything personally!

This is such a hard concept and one that is hard for me too.  Just today I felt my feelings get hurt because I took something personally.  I find it happens even more when I am already hearing my voices in my head – which was the case today because I was feeling overwhelmed with all the things I don’t know that I am going to be tested on (cue my voices of not good enough and less than…ugh).

Anyway, across the board in every book I have read they all agree that we should not take anything personally.  In the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, he has a whole chapter on not taking things personally.  The reason why is because when someone says something to you that “hurts your feelings”, what they are saying is actually on them, not you.  Remember in an earlier post when I said to always ask “is that true”? Same applies here.

The core of it is that you believe in yourself and find who you are authentically because it will be like a magnifying glass when someone says something to you about you.  You will see it for what it is…only words being formulated by someone who is in their own world, their own head with their own voices.

This is such a hard concept to wrap our heads around because probably all of our lives we have taken things very personal and then lashed out to try and hurt the other person’s feelings and they took it personal and it was all unnecessary from the beginning!

Try it next time (and I will too).  When someone says something to you that really hurts your feelings, or only slightly hurts your feelings (Ruiz says even when it is something positive), don’t take it personally.  Know it is all about them – whether good or bad – and that you know you well enough to not take it personally.  Leave me a comment when you do this exercise and let me know how it felt!

Also, I am going to try to make my first vlog tomorrow to post on YouTube!  Stay tuned to see how THAT goes!

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My brain and eyes are officially done for the night other than some Netflix binge watching!


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